George Stone School (Union College)

A Multi-Grade Teacher-Training Laboratory School

George Stone School is a multi-grade teacher-training laboratory on the campus of Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska. GSS recently celebrated 40 years of growing teachers!

George Stone School is part of the global Seventh-day Adventist school system of over 7,800 schools including nearly 6000 elementary schools, over 1700 secondary schools and 110 colleges and universities with over 93,000 teachers and 1,814,000 students. 

Enrollment at George Stone School is open to students in grades K-8 who desire to learn in a small, nurturing, Christian environment. Enrollment is limited to maintain a small student-teacher ratio. 

You are invited to contact us for more information.

George Stone School 
phone 402-486-2896

Principal - Mr. Peter Adams
phone 402-486-2522

Email: Mr. Peter Adams



Our Mission       

The George Stone School family exists to enable teacher candidates to grow and develop skills in a multi-grade setting that encourages students to fall in love with Jesus, teaches them to think, and empowers them to serve God and others.                   


Cover Our Children
I pray that you cover my children. Give them the helmet of salvation to protect their minds against messages competing for attention. Guard their hearts, Lord, from anger, depression, anxiety, loneliness or anything that would make them feel unworthy of love. No weapon formed against them shall prosper. In Jesus' name.  (Thought based on Isaiah 54:17)