George Stone School (Union College)

A Multi-Grade Teacher-Training Laboratory School

Looking in on GSS


The following was written by a seventh grade student as we worked on writing dialogue. It is the student's version of a short clip from one of the Pathway's reading books, The Door in the Wall.


                                                                                Story of the Broken Cross

            Robin was enjoying all the sounds in the beautiful garden while he was whittling his wooden cross (with a chisel that belonged to Brother Matthew). Then, it happened. The chisel slipped from Robin’s hand, and cut the longer part of the cross. It was broken.

            “No!” he shouted. Suddenly, he got so mad, he picked up the cross pieces, and threw them! Then he threw the chisel at Brother Matthew’s head (it missed by a few inches)! He wanted to storm right out of the garden… but his legs wouldn’t let him, so he took out his anger through words.

            “Dumb tool! I’ll never use you ever again!” Brother Matthew looked at Robin in shock.

            “It’s not the tool’s fault, it’s your fault for not being skilled,” he said.  “If you had a little more experience, and a little less anger… you would have that cross done in no time!”

            Robin thought for a moment, then said, “I guess that could help, but I'm not much of a carpenter’s son.” Then he wished that he was really a carpenter’s son. Then his father wouldn't be in the war and his mother wouldn’t be the Queen’s servant.

            “Well, tomorrow’s another day,” Brother Matthew said calmly. “You should rest now. Brother Luke might be here soon. And don’t worry,” comforted Brother Matthew. “I won’t tell him how I almost lost my head.” And with that, Robin drifted off to sleep.


Bread, IOWAs, dictionaries, DNA and more...


Project Impact Day


One day from a student's perspective: 

It was the first week of school, on a Thursday night, when I could hardly sleep because in the morning, it would be time for swimming. I gobbled up my breakfast like a savage because I could hardly wait for school. When I got there we had an amazing worship! 

Next,  Ms. Jolly, one of our teachers, had a friend who showed us a bearded dragon that we got to hold and a bald python. It was awesome!

Then, it was finally time to go swimming so Mrs. K and Mrs. Simpson gave instructions. Later, I ran into the pool like a cheetah and jumped like a kangaroo and splashed like a dolphin. I swam and and played games and had fun.

After that, we had to change into our clothes. We planned to be first to beat the girls but somehow they always win but it's ok. When we got all done, it turned out that the girls were already gone! So then the boys just went back and then we played some awesome games.

Finally, it was time for lunch. We had hot dogs, baked beans, pickles, chips, potato salad, macaroni salad, cupcakes, and brownies. Then we had a recess and then we went home.