George Stone School (Union College)

A Multi-Grade Teacher-Training Laboratory School

Grades 5-8

E-learning Day Wednesday, February 20

I will be close to email and texting all morning. During the afternoon, it may take me longer to respond. Mrs. K

Spelling 5.3A 


Write MV in cursive:  “I cried out to the Lord in my great trouble and he answered me.” Jonah 2:2


Math 5  -  IXL Gr 5   S 3

Math 6 -  7.1 p275 #1-10; p278-279 On Your Own #1-7

Math 7 -  6.5 p280-281 #1-17, 21

Math 8 -  6.3 p249-251 #1-4 , 9-24, 25-39 odd


Read and highlight inventor sources. Highlight by category; choose your own color for each category.

  1. Birth-childhood
  2. Education
  3. Family
  4. Career
  5. Inventions
  6. Legacy

When you finish highlighting , (click on the blue letters) watch this video link about formal and informal language. Then begin summarizing your sources into a paragraph. 


That's it! See you tomorrow!




Bible -    Memory Verses  -  Quizzes on Fridays    There may not be a MV every week. Some weeks are designated teacher option and were not prepared by the makers of the Bible Encounter Program so some are missing here. Students are given 2 small copies early each week (one to be filed in their office/binder and one for their pocket to take home). 
Spelling City - Lesson Activities DUE Thursdays. TESTS are on Fridays.
                           5.3A Feb 22       5.1B   Mar 1       5.2B  Mar 15     5.3B  Mar 22

Other links for practice 

Reading Comprehension  Click the link to choose stories and questions.
Typing Pal is internet based so is available for home practice just like it is in the classroom. Enjoy your practice and keep those fingers on home row! 

Encyclopedia Britannica - This subscription is provided by the North American Division for Seventh-day Adventist schools. Login is required.